BENJAMIN GUSTAVUS BURROUGHS, Apothecary, Portland Place, Clifton.




Burroughs seems also to have had a branch establishment, for there is an entry in Mathews's Bristol Directory 1807 of "Yea and Burroughs, Apothecaries, Granby House, Hotwells, and Portland Place, Clifton." [1] Granby House is listed in, with Elizabeth Woodhouse named as landlady in 1794; no other details given.


Burroughs is listed as one of 398 subscribers to Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s journal The Friend:




PS. It is interesting to note in the article on The Friend that another of the founder members, Mr Daniel, treated Coleridge (unsuccessfully!) for his opium addiction.


[1] Griffiths LG  Bristol Med-Chi J. 1907, XXV: 97, p 222 – 235, note 1.