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This is the website of a lovable but slightly eccentric Englishman (says my son Tim).
If I'm not star-gazing in the dead of night or pottering along winding canals with Isabel
on our narrowboat, I'm at home endlessly revising my autobiography-cum-history of anaesthesia.

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1. History of Anaesthesia

GASMAN -A Personal History of Anaesthesia 1933-97
History of Anaesthesia 0-2000      
The First Anaesthetic in Bristol 1847                                                                            
The Eclipsed Dawn of Anaesthesia in Bristol 1847
Ether and Chloroform in Surgery and Midwifery in Bristol 1847                                                 
Anaesthesia, Cholera and the Medical Reading Society of Bristol 1832-58
John Snow and the Medical Reading Society of Bristol 1847-58
Death in Bristol 1858  

Two Weeks in August, Southmead 1958                                             
Anaesthesia in the Sixties, Bristol Fashion 1960s                                                 
I did it my way. Confessions of an epiduralist 1948-77                                             
The Taunton Year 1959-60  

The Delphic Oracle 2007
Nitrous Oxide: A Good Vintage? 2010

2. History of Medicine
Tuberculous Meningitis: A Patient's Story, Ham Green 1951-52
Poliomyelitis in Bristol: the Clevedon Ventilator, Ham Green 1953  

3. Other Matters

Canal du Midi         
Fancy Free
My Moon and I
Disabled Rambling
Golden Wedding
Uncrowding Wordsworth
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