Jaisalmer, in the western Thar desert, has had no rain for 12 years. Water for drinking and washing comes by pipe from the Indira Ghandi Canal, which runs about 40 miles west of Jaisalmer, bringing water from the Himalayas via the Punjab.

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Jaisalmer fort was built in 1156

Inside one of its gates

The Maharajah's Palace

and the view from the top

Tim with Manu , our enthusiastic guide

the well in the courtyard

and a thin cow in street nearby

We flew here from Delhi, landing briefly at Jaipur and Udaipur en route. Jaisalmer is a delight, and we were glad we had chosen to stay four nights. Our hotel, the Gorbandh Palace, was quite splendid, with a woderful swimming pool. As the outside temperature was 33-34 oC, we had a very satisfactory mix of sight-seeing and lazing by the pool.

Jaisalmer is truly a golden city. The wonderful Jain Temples contrasted amazingly with the dirt and cows in the streets and squares. About a quarter of the population of the Old City live within the walls of the fort, which was built in 1156.

Jain temples


a holy man

and visitors

a square inside the fort

resting in the shade


shopping in Jaisalmer

a typical haveli

and a record-breaking moustache

power cuts were common

and the phone unreliable

what little water there is has come from the canal, not the sky

the water tank

the Gorbandh Palace Hotel

its pool

and traditional Rajasthan dancers

chhatris at Bada Bagh

7 km N. of Jaisalmer

en route to the dunes at Sam

a Jain temple in the desert, a few kilometres outside Jaisalmer


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